Zhen Wang

I am currently working for Alibaba Group and living in Hangzhou, a charming city known by the West Lake.


Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

  • Ph.D., Computer Application Technology, Sep 2012 - Jun 2017
  • B.E., Software Engineering, Sep 2008 - Jun 2012

Research Experience

Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), Beijing, China

  • Research Intern, Data Mining and Enterprise Intelligence Group, Feb 2016 – Apr 2017
    • Data-driven metaphor learning (demo)
  • Research Intern, Machine Learning Group, Oct 2013 – Jan 2016
    • Fact-based Q&A (demo)
    • Heterogenous data embedding (product)
  • Research Intern, Web Search and Mining Group, Oct 2011 – Jun 2012
    • Fact extraction from Web tables (demo)
    • Short text representation (product)

Alibaba group and Tsinghua University joint post-doc, Nov 2018 - present

  • Reinforcement learning in E-commerce scenarios (ongoing)


  • Daoyuan Chen, Yaliang Li, Minghui Qiu, Zhen Wang, Bofang Li, Bolin Ding, Hongbo Deng, Jun Huang, Wei Lin, and Jingren Zhou. AdaBERT: Task-Adaptive BERT Compression with Differentiable Neural Architecture Search. IJCAI 2020 Full Paper.
  • Fei Xiao, Zhen Wang, Haikuan Huang, Jun Huang, Xi Chen, Hongbo Deng, Minghui Qiu. AliISA: Creating an Interactive Search Experience in E-commerce Platforms. SIGIR 2019 Demo.
  • Zehong Hu, Zhen Wang, Zhao Li, Shichang Hu, Shasha Ruan, Jie Zhang. Fraud Regulating Policy for E-Commerce via Constrained Contextual Bandits. AAMAS 2019 Full Paper.
  • Zhen Wang, Xu Hu, Zehong Hu, Minghui Qiu, Jun Huang. Chapter 5 of Artificial Intelligence for Prosthetics-challenge solutions. NurIPS 2018 RL Challenge Tech Report.
  • Zhong Huaping, Jianwen Zhang, Zhen Wang, Hai Wan, Chen Zheng. Aligning Knowledge and Text Embeddings by Entity Descriptions. EMNLP 2015 Short Paper.
  • Zhen Wang, Jianwen Zhang, Jianlin Feng, Zheng Chen. Knowledge Graph and Text Jointly Embedding. EMNLP 2014 Full Paper.
  • Zhen Wang, Jianwen Zhang, Jianlin Feng, Zheng Chen. Knowledge Graph Embedding by Translating on Hyperplanes. AAAI 2014 Full Paper.

Awards & Scholarships

  • NeurIPS RL Challenge 5/427, Nov 2018
  • National Scholarship, Sep 2014
  • Silver Medal in ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contest, Oct 2011
  • National Scholarship, Sep 2009

Working Experience

Alibaba Group, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

  • Algorithm Expert (P7), Deep Learning Algorithm Division, July 2018 - present

    • NAS algorithms development including DARTS, ASAP, ProxylessNAS, etc.
    • Auto feature engineering including AutoCross and some RL-based search strategies.
    • EasyRL released!
  • Senior Algorithm Engineer (P6), Large Scale Learning-Innovative Algorithm Division, July 2017 - present

    • Chinese named entity recognition
    • Double 11 bundle recommendation business
    • A3gent (deep reinforcement learning package) development
    • Ray contributor and committer
    • Flow control by constrained contextual bandit
    • Interactive shopping assistant by hierarchical reinforcement learning


  • Programming languages: C, Python
  • Machine leanring libraries: TensorFlow, PyTorch
  • Foreign language: English (CET-6 certification)